O’Donnell McKenna have been a tremendous help to our company since a representative of Enterprise Ireland recommended them to me in October 2013.

I have found Ian McKenna to be one of the most friendly, helpful and concise people to deal with in all our meetings with him. Ian’s understanding of company law has been such an immense help to me  – when I was starting off my company and also now when we are into trademarking and licensing agreements his knowledge and ability to explain it all to me in layman’s terms has been amazing.

Ian has also helped us along the way with our company law, contracts, confidentiality agreements and patent applications.

Ian has great patience and any little question or worry I can just pick up the phone or email him and he is always there to reassure and advise. I have every confidence in O’Donnell McKenna and do not know where we would be without them.

Peter M. Company Director Galway